Perfect for those looking to get toned, or put on size.

Georgia’s largest selection of free weights including double sets of dumbbells, Olympic benches, squat racks, Hammer Strength, and multiple smith machines.

What about women? Women can and should lift weights (heavy ones) without the fear of becoming anything more than healthy, toned and strong. Note that these characteristics are not synonymous with “bulky.” One of the fundamental ingredients for muscle growth is testosterone, which is a hormone found in high concentrations in men, but not so much in women (women do have testosterone, but not in the levels present in men). While some females are predisposed to developing significant muscle tone and size, this is not the case for all. Women lack the chemical make-up required to “bulk up” without extreme training volumes, strict dieting habits, and possible supplementation. Fortunately, more and more women are getting the message and dropping the lightweights.

Join one of our free weight classes. For anyone looking to get toned and build lean muscle quickly. Using light to moderate weights, this workout gives you a total body workout. It will torch more than 500 calories and help you to feel motivated by encouragement, great music and achieve your goals quickly.


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